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Blind cleaner

Give your blinds a new lease on life, hassle-free

Few things brighten up a room like a new set of blinds. Unfortunately, it isn’t long before they lose that vitality. Spiders make themselves at home. They get coated in dust. Not to mention the stains and odours of birthday parties and last week’s roast dinner. 

And let’s face it: cleaning blinds isn’t exactly easy.  You stand on a wobbling chair, reaching up with a feather duster... 

Why risk your back? Call a blind cleaner. Let our team remove dirt, stains, grease, odours and dust. And we’ll do the job without any scouring or nasty chemicals.

We’ll clean any blind, any height: Vertical, Venetian, Timber, Cyba, Woodlook, Pleated, Duette, Roller or Roman blinds.  They’ll be cleaned, deodorised and sanitised in no time.

Ultrasonic cleaning for modern blinds

We have one high-tech process for all modern blind types: PVC, Woodlook, and Cyba. We start by giving the blinds a light wash-down. Then comes the ultrasound. High-frequency sound waves vibrate through the water, creating millions of bubbles that implode and suck out all the dirt, stains, grease, odours and dust from your blinds*. And once that’s done, we carefully hang them up to dry.

We can even pick up and drop off your blinds with our same-day cleaning service. Perfect if you’re in a hurry, or can’t quite work out how to take them down.

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Painstaking care for wooden blinds

We treat your wooden blinds like a precious piece of furniture. We use gentle soaps that protect the wood’s varnish and natural oils as we run a soft cloth along each blind, cleaning off dirt, dust, watermarks and grease. Then we re-oil the blind and burnish it by hand, sometimes three times over if that’s what the timber needs.

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Why choose Amazing Clean?

  • Can clean all types of blinds—Vertical, Venetian, Timber, Cyba, Woodlook, Pleated, Duette, Roller and Roman
  • Gently removes dirt, stains, grease, odours and dust
  • No scrubbing or harsh chemicals
  • We can pick up and drop off your blinds
  • Take down and re-hang service
  • Mould removal specialists


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