New Blinds

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Child-Safe Blinds

Children can become entangled in blind or curtain cords if they try to use, play with or play around window coverings. Even where windows are set high into the wall, children can climb onto window sills or furniture to access the cords on the window coverings.

Spare Parts

If you’re a regular DIYer, then you can probably have a crack at repairing blinds and awnings. For you, know-how’s not the problem. It’s finding the parts. Well you’re in the right place. At Amazing Clean we stock parts for most trusted blinds and awning brands. We even stock roller shutter parts and curtain tracks.

New Awnings

Our specialised awning, shades and sails service will repair and clean your motorised and standard awnings. We offer a skin replacement and re-stitching service for tired and old fabrics, giving the exterior of your home a fresh new look.

Soft Furnishings

Complete your interior design scheme with stylish, co-ordinating cushions, lampshades, bed and table runners. Download our brochure to find out more.

New Curtains

Choosing curtains can be time consuming—not to mention expensive. Picking the right fabric, colour and style, and then getting them made and fitted…. who has time for that? Sure, you can buy curtains off the shelf these days, it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll even fit, let alone protect your home from the elements.