Cleaner awnings, shades, shutters and sails for a fresh new look

Worn awnings can really bring down the tone of your home.    You notice it every time you drive in, and so do your neighbours.  It’s easy to let awnings slip. Outdoor awnings, shades and sails have a tough job, shielding your home from the elements. Day-in and day-out, dust, mould and stains build up. The mechanics rust and creak. Fabric rips.

Ask the awning cleaning experts

That’s easy fixed. Our expert team will clean your standard and motorised canvas awnings, as well as your shades and sails. We’ll remove the stains, mould, dirt and other unsightly marks and get them looking like new. We’ll even replace or re-stitch the skins, as well as lubricate and rejuvenate your awnings.

And to top the job off, we’ll apply protective treatment to your awnings to keep them looking better longer.

So next time you head out for the day, you leave a crisp, fresh, set of awnings on duty.

Why choose Amazing Clean’s awning cleaning service?

  • Cleans both standard and motorised awnings
  • Also cleans canvas shades and sails
  • Removes stains, dirt and mould
  • Re-mounting and motorisation specialists
  • Can also do re-stitching and re-skinning



for more then 20 years
of experience


Amazin Professionals

We have found Amazing Clean Canberra to be professional, prompt and efficient, as well as a pleasure to deal with.

Quality and Professionalism

Amazing Clean's response time and quality of job is outstanding, and ISS will continue to use their service.


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