CPR for your curtains

Are your curtains hanging on to life by a thread? They’ve copped a beating over the years. As soon as you open the window, curtains are exposed to dust, dirt and moisture. And let’s not talk about the stains and odours they collect from  inside  the house.

Your curtains are in dire straits. But as much as you’d like to use a curtain cleaning service, you don’t want to pull down the curtains and let everyone look in — especially at night.

Ask the curtain-cleaning experts

Fortunately, the team at Amazing Clean can clean, sanitise and deodorise your curtains while they’re still hanging over your windows. 

Using our unique low-moisture system we’ll gently remove all dirt, dust and allergens (essential for asthma and allergy sufferers).

For heavily stained or mould-infested curtains, we bring out the big guns. Your curtains need restoration, which we do back in our workshop.  We’ll pick up your curtains and return and rehang them for you, looking better than you ever thought possible.

We even clean rubber-backed curtains. (Most dry cleaners won’t even touch them.)

So to freshen up your curtains without stripping your windows, Amazing Clean is the smart choice. Call us today and bring your drapes and curtains back to life.

Why choose Amazing Clean?

  • Curtains and drapes can be cleaned while they’re still hanging
  • Can even clean rubber-backed curtains
  • Mould removal specialists
  • Take down and rehanging
  • No shrinking or discoloration
  • Curtains are dry when the job is done



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Amazin Professionals

We have found Amazing Clean Canberra to be professional, prompt and efficient, as well as a pleasure to deal with.

Quality and Professionalism

Amazing Clean's response time and quality of job is outstanding, and ISS will continue to use their service.


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