Uncover what we’ll do for your blinds, curtains, awnings, upholstery and mattresses

Nothing beats having pristine blinds, curtains and awnings in your home. But we all know they don’t stay that way for long. 

Are your blinds dirty, dusty or in dire need of repair? And what about your mattress? Does it look like  it  needs a rest? 

Don’t worry.  

Amazing Clean can make them all look, feel and smell like new again.  Our team of professionals can come to your home or office and restore your furnishings to their former glory.


We roll up our sleeves, and clean your: Blinds (Vertical, Venetian, Timber, Cyba, Woodlook, Pleated, Duette, Roller and Roman), Curtains (rubber-backed, silk, sheers, pelmets, swags and tails), Awnings (motorised and standard), Mattresses, Upholstery.

We’ll get rid of dust, dirt and stains. And yes, we even do mould removal. So your furnishings gain a new lease on life.


Are your blinds, curtains and awnings showing their age? Cords fray, snap or tangle. Blades warp or snap. Fabrics rip.

Good news: you can often repair these items at a fraction of what they’d cost to replace. We’ve been in cleaning for more than 20 years, so we know all the tricks in the book.
If you’d like to tackle your own repairs, we have the parts you’ll need to get everything working (and looking) great.
So whatever needs fixing, we’re ready to help.


  • New blinds, curtains or awnings

    Sometimes, though, you just want to start fresh. When it’s time to replace those blinds, curtains or awnings, talk to us.

    Don’t just choose us because we have a wide range of products. Choose us because we only stock products you can count on. After all, with 20 years of repairs under our belt, we’ve seen it all. We know which brands will break, and which ones will go the distance.

  • Child-safe blinds

    Protect your little ones from the dangers of stray blind cords. Ask us about child-safe blinds — and kits to fix your existing blinds.

  • Furnishings

    We even have furnishings and decorative cushions for those finishing touches that spruce up your room.

  • Spare parts

    And don’t forget: We also stock a range of blind, curtain, awning and shutter spare parts to help you make those repairs as simple as possible.