Win the war on mould

Mould. Dark, slimy and almost impossible to budge. Once mould takes root on your blinds, curtains, and furniture, it starts eating away at the fabric. You try wiping it off, but it just keeps coming back. 

That’s not the worst of it. Mould can eat into your health without you even realising it.  It triggers asthma and bronchial infections; eczema and psoriasis

Time to win the battle. You need a mould-removal weapon that kills spores and lifts stains once and for all. And that’s where we can help.

Ask the mould-removal experts

Amazing Clean gets rid of the visible mould.  And we help stop it coming back. 

How do we do that? We take away your blinds, curtains, awnings and furniture to our specialist workshop, where we’ll eliminate mould and stains. Then we’ll treat the fabric to prevent future infestation. 

And when we’re done, we’ll return your furnishings to you, clean and mould-free. Your home will look great, and you and your family will feel healthier.

Same-day service

Who wants to live in a house with no blinds, curtains, awnings or furniture? No-one. That’s why we offer a same-day service on mould removal. We’ll pick furnishings up, clean them up, and then return them to you on the same day (for all services except curtain restoration). We’ll even re-hang anything we had to take away.

Why choose Amazing Clean’s mould-removal service?

  • Removes the mould and the stains
  • Stops the mould from coming back
  • Treats blinds, curtains, awnings and furniture 
  • Same-day service



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We have found Amazing Clean Canberra to be professional, prompt and efficient, as well as a pleasure to deal with.

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Amazing Clean's response time and quality of job is outstanding, and ISS will continue to use their service.


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