Blind repairs

At Amazing Clean we repair your damaged blinds for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. We cut down, resize and convert roller blinds to chain operation. We can even supply new weights and chains for your vertical blinds to bring them back to their former glory.

Awning Repairs

Awnings have a tough gig: shielding your home from scorching sunlight, driving rain and howling wind. Those battles against the elements take their toll. Fabric tears. Mould festers. Your awnings look ready to give up. That’s when you call Amazing Clean. We step in to save the awnings, any type: from manual and motorised shutters to shade sails, and even caravan canvas.

Blind & Awning Spare Parts

Our blind components range covering:vertical blinds accessories, roman shade components, honey comb components, panel track components, venetian blind components, wooden venetian, roller blind parts, curtain, sky light parts

Curtain Repairs

Choosing curtains can be time consuming—not to mention expensive. Picking the right fabric, colour and style, and then getting them made and fitted…. who has time for that? Sure, you can buy curtains off the shelf these days, it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll even fit, let alone protect your home from the elements.